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Values of partnering with Nowcast in the Alternative Data Business

A proactive business partner that provides full support for launching a data business; from business planning to data cleansing, information management system development, and sales support.

Successful track record with many major data vendors

We have many successful use cases with representative data vendors in Japan such as the Nikkei newspaper (POS data, article data), T-point, JCB, TrueData, BCN, etc. Nowcast is the leading Japanese alternative data company with over 100 customers and successfully executed data monetization projects. Furthermore, Nowcast’s brand is highly recognised and frequently validated as a leading alternative data company by numerous Japanese mass media, government offices, think tanks, etc.
What is alternative data?

All-in-one servicing partner for overcoming the challenges in launching a successful data business

We, at Nowcast, acknowledge the extremely high hurdle that a data vendor needs to overcome to launch a profitable data business. There are plenty of challenges and processes such as data cleansing, human resource development, legal system development, etc. that are required in the journey. As one of the data industry’s leading company, Nowcast provides an all-in-one service package to help data vendors successfully launch their data business.

Business content

Setup legal structure
Legal structures configuration which include personal information protection support, anonymity processing, data utilization contracts, etc.
Setup HR structure
HR organisation which include recruitment and cultivation of key personnel such as data warehouse engineer (for data analytics architecture), data analyst, data scientists, etc
Data collection
Development of business model and technology framework for continuous data collection
Data cleansing
Data cleansing processes including division of panel biases, completion of missing values of each group etc.
Business development, Consultation etc.
Consulting services which include service enhancement, business development based on analyses results etc.
Secure data management and compliance
In 2017, all Finatext group companies acquired the Privacy mark, including Nowcast. We are actively engaged in the establishment of internal information management systems and rules, training, and access control.
Our company has been certified with a 'privacy mark' by the Japan Institute of Promotion of Digital Economy and Society. The privacy mark is given to busisnesses that are certified to handle personal information properly, and is proof that the business complies with the JIS's standard (JISQ15001) regarding personal information. We will do our utmost to protect personal information so that we can earn the trust of our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you

Nowcast provides full-fledged services for the utilization and monetization of your data. We have a track record of successfully helping data vendors monetize their multiple data sources. We support data vendors with not only the sales of their data, but also provide data maintenance, data analysis, product development, and customer support services.
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We provide bespoke services for your custom needs.

We have included our full service details as well as past achievements and use cases in our prospectus.
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If you would like to discuss your custom needs or to get a quote, please contact us via our contact form.
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