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Investment Research

Nowcast provides alternative data-based analysis services for Japanese stocks.
We help institutional investors make smarter investment decisions by providing rich data sets including POS data and credit card data, as well as insights from analysts and analytics teams that specialize in alternative data.

Economic Research

Nowcast provides alternative data-based macro economic analysis services.
In contrast to indexes that use data from conventional questionnaires and field surveys, Nowcast generates superior indexes that are driven by POS data and credit card data. Our Big Data-driven indexes are able to identify economic trends efficiently and accurately. For this reason, Nowcast currently supports economic analysis and policy decision-making of government offices, securities firms, think tanks, and more.
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Data Sources

POS Data

Nowcast provides multi-channel POS data.
POS Data
The rich data can be broken down in detail by daily time series, store-specific, and JAN codes. We also provide abundant master data sets (which include data item category masters, listed companies mapping data, etc.) to support your further analysis.
Drug Stores
Electronics Retail Stores

Credit Card Data

Nowcast provides consumer spending data for Japanese credit cards.
Credit Card Data
Moreover, we also build and provide essential mapping data between the ‘purchase item name’ and ‘company name’ to help firms that conduct their own in-house analysis. Nowcast is one of the only few alternative data companies in Japan that provide credit card analysis services.
Credit Card
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For Data Vendors

Nowcast provides full-fledged services for the utilization and monetization of your data.

We have a track record of successfully helping data vendors monetize their multiple data sources. We support data vendors with not only the sales of their data, but also provide data maintenance, data analysis, product development, and customer support services.

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