Provision of Anonymously Processed Information to Third Parties and Obtainment Thereof from Third Parties

    The company receives personal information and information that is processed into an anonymous form by appropriate protective measures, so that it is impossible to identify certain individuals or obtain complete personal information. With use of these data, we produce anonymously processed information to visualize the economic information, provide it to third parties in order to promote the efficiency of economic analysis, and announce the results.

  1. (1) Items of personal information
  2. [1] Gender, age, address (no more specific than City/District/Block/Village (-shi/-ku/-cho/-son)), store name and other personal attributes.[2] Usage and transaction history
  3. (2) Method of provision
  4. Encrypted data files provided in a way that security is guaranteed.
  5. (3) Utilization Purpose
  6. The aforesaid personal information we received will be used for the following purpose.
  7. [1] Production of anonymously processed information
  8. (4) Internal Programs
  9. We will place corporate regulations and rules necessary for operations and administrate its organization by placing managers for creating programs to strictly carry out personal information protection.
  10. (5) Measures on Security Management
  11. We will carefully manage and take preventative, remedial security measures against unauthorized accesses, losses, destruction, falsification, and leakages of information.
  12. (6) In-house Training
  13. We will train and enforce full dissemination towards employees on personal information protection.
  14. (7) Procedures for Requesting Disclosures, etc. of Personal Information
  15. We will appropriately respond towards any client request for disclosures and revisions, etc. of held personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law. Please contact "Inquiries" on the service's websites for requests regarding disclosures, revisions, and deletions of client personal information, or complaints regarding the handling of personal information. It should be noted that for each procedure, we may ask for identifications to confirm client identity.
  16. Inquiries about Handling of Personal Information


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    Masashi Tsujinaka

  17. CEO
    Nowcast Inc.

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