Regarding our countermeasures to the emergency declaration of COVID-19

April 7,2020

Finatext Holdings, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryota Hayashi; Hereinafter referred to as “this group”), a parent company of Nowcast Co., Ltd., will take the following measures on April 8 (Wednesday), at the declaration of “state of emergency” regarding COVID-19 announced today.

■ Implementation overview
・ Period: Wednesday, April 8-Wednesday, May 6
・ Target: All group employees working in Japan (full-time workers, contract workers, part-time workers, and temporary workers) and outsourcing
・ Measures taken:
1. All the employees defined in "Target" should work from home in principle.
2. Both of internal and external meetings will be held not on a face to face basis but by video conference tools.
3. All recruitment interviews will be conducted by video conference tool.
4. Those who need to come to the office will make the best use of shift-based remote work and staggered work.
5. Those who have to come to the office or visit due to other unavoidable circumstances should report and get the approval in advance and move around when traffic is not crowded.
6. All offline events hosted by the Company will be canceled or postponed.
7. We will avoid attending any offline events that attract multi people, regardless of whether they are business or private.
8. We will encourage hand washing / gargle, use of hand sanitizers and masks, and ensurance of social distance.

The group will continue to take prompt actions, taking into account changing circumstances and social conditions. We would appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.

■ About Finatext Holdings Inc.
Finatext Holdings, Inc. has set a mission to "reinvent finance as a" service "" and aimed to realize a society where everyone can use financial services for granted. Mainly based on the following three company, Finatext Co., Ltd., which builds financial services for individuals adjusting to diverse lifestyles, Nowcast Co., Ltd., which provides big data analysis services, and Smart Plus Co., Ltd., which provides securities business platforms, we have a global presence in Japan, the UK, Taiwan, Vietnam, and so on.

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